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Tune up Your Air Conditioning Unit

Air Conditioning Units tend to loose their efficiency for a few different reasons each year. First you have to be aware of the filter, your coil outside, and the coolant in the unit itself. When cottonwood begin to fly around you can be sure that if your air conditioning is running that it will collect the cottonwood on the exterior of the coil system. Then the coolant within the unit itself begins to break down over time and stop cooling as efficiently as it could.

How often should I have an AC Tune Up?

For reasons mentioned above it is important that you have a service company tune up and service your ac unit(s) every year. Maintenenace can save you money on breakdowns and it can also save you money by reducing your electric bill when your ac unit is running at high efficiency. Regular scheduled maintenance can help your ac unit last for 10-20 years+ if maintained properly.

AAA Services offers scheduled & non-scheduled ac unit maintenance and tune-ups.

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